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Small plushplush group shot with the addition of Pichu.


Pichu and Pikachu PlushPlush!


The latest installment of the Pokemonlife@enjoy eating promo are out in claw machines and during my hunt today, I managed to score the Pikachu plush and 3 out of 4 of the figure straps!

Of course, the hardest of the straps to find and get was the mini cup one, which is the one I wanted the most! I hate trying to win tiny items, but yay eventual success!


"Swizzle used SUBSTITUTE!"

It’s final exam time!


Adults, to 10-year-old me: You’ll grow out of Pokémon someday.

Me, at 10: No, I’ll never grow out of it! Just wait and see!

Me, at 26: 8D They don’t ask that question any more.


Saw these listed on Yahoo!Japan weeks ago. These were seriously the cutest pokemon listings I’ve ever seen.


Pictures from the initial day of the Spooky Party release!

The pumpkins are all so cute - I can’t get over that little bowtie on the tiny Pumpkaboo!


New Hoenn plushies!

I’ve always wanted a life size Mudkip in my life :’)

I am seriously running out of space in my room… I’LL TAKE THEM ALL!!!! <3


Reorganized. I hated seeing plush blocking one another.


I found em at work!! Who threw these away???!!

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